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Crime statistics in the city of Austin are available from the Austin Police department.  View crime statistics and follow the instructions. Our neighborhood statistics are noted in the Highland Park West Balcones Area Neighborhood Association selection. This is a useful site containing a variety of crime related information.

***Note:  The City of Austin is making changes to their website and the link to crime statistics (above) is currently unavailable.  Alternatively, you can go to Krimelabb which provides current city-wide crime data by zip code and address.

APD Central West District Representative Covering Our Area: 

Officer Darrell Grayson
(512) 974-5242

HPWBANA Neighborhood Watch Program

The HPWBANA is currently in the process of working toward enhancing the Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP) they have in place, recruiting block captains to make it more effectvie and informing residents of what they can do to reduce their risk of being targeted for criminal activity.Watch for meeting notices that will be posted on the HPWBANA home page, in our monthly newsletter and on our listserv.

HPWBANA has created these neighborhood watch groups:

Map of Neighborhood Watch Groups
Block Captain Training
Block Captain Information Sheet

The HPWBANA is trying to increase awareness of neighborhood crime. An increase in residential and automobile burglaries in the neighborhood has prompted interest in a neighborhood watch program. Because research shows that the most effective programs are those that involve neighbors in small, localized groups, the HPWBANA Board proposes to act as an initiator and resource for neighborhood watch groups within our boundaries. The following actions are planned:

Provide a variety of crime information: Provide neighbors with timely information about crime in the neighborhood, especially when distribution of this information could prevent other crime. Types of crime information include:

  • City wide crime issues and trends
  • Crime trends in our neighborhood
  • Crime Alerts
  • Safety tips
  • Programs available from APD
  • APD Commanders Forum information
  • Individual crime concerns reported by residents

Yahoo Listserv: Publicize “Alert” notices via our email list when received by APD and from concerned residents. Neighbors are encouraged sign up for our email communications.

Website: Post various crime related topics and notices on our website.

HPWBANA News: Provide crime related articles in our newsletter.

Crime Meetings and Events:

  • National Night Out: Support neighborhood watch groups by possibly hosting an annual neighborhood-wide social event focusing on crime and safety, such as National Night Out or other gathering.
  • APD Commanders Forum: Encourage attendance at the quarterly APD Commanders Forum meetings where specific crime concerns can be discussed directly with APD.
  • Event Introduction: Include an introductory crime topic at our various neighborhood events to increase awareness.

Neighborhood Watch Groups:

  • Assist groups of neighbors interested in implementing neighborhood watch groups by providing start-up information, including contact with APD officers for presentations. Our neighborhood has been divided into 6 neighborhood watch areas to start this program. Contact a HPWBANA board member to see who in your area is already involved. We will maintain a crime network email list using these volunteers for distributing information to as many residents as possible.


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