Potential Projects at Perry Park

Perry Park is our neighborhood jewel; loved and used by walkers, joggers, dogs, and children of all ages.  With so much potential for improvement and so many willing and able volunteers, Friends of Perry Park and the HPWBANA Beautification Committee have compiled a list of potential projects for the park.  Keep in mind we have a limited budget and rely heavily on volunteers to coordinate and complete projects, so many of these projects are just theoretical.

Ideas come in from a variety of people and also from Parks and Recreation Department (PARD).  We add ideas to the list and work on them as interest and time allows.  PARD is involved early in the discussion if we decide to work on a project idea. Some projects are more maintenance related.  For larger projects we work with PARD on details, feasibility, and communications with the community, etc as they have standardized the process for community initiated projects.  We use the HWBANA board meetings, listserve, website, newsletter, signs, letters, etc as needed to inform and engage the community.

We welcome feedback from our residents, so please send any questions, comments or suggestions to beautification@hpwbana.org


Perry Park Project Ideas – 2013-2014

Eagle Scout fence
  • Smooth split rail fence along a section of the track in the lower quarry to protect the trees
  • HPWBANA Board approved project, budget $500
  • Initial meetings with PARD have occurred
  • Scout has been delayed so this project will not happen until 2014
Nature Trail Restoration
  • Restoration of the nature trail which has become overgrown with trailing lantana
  • Groups working on this: HPE Green Team, Girl Scouts, Little Helping Hand. We welcome more groups.
  • Native seed for restoration and supplies funded by HPWBANA
Fitness Stations
  • HPWBANA Board approved as a special project, $2000 contingent upon an APF grant ($11,616).  Information posted on the website.
  • APF grant has been submitted, meetings will occur in Nov.
  • There is a volunteer component of this that will include a new trail to the nature trail, which connects to the Balcones Dr side community entrance.
Invasive Plant Removal/Fire Mitigation
  • Big yearly passes of invasive plant removal may no longer be needed. We monitor for new and re-growth.
  • Fire mitigation project at Perry Park started in the winter of 2011.
  • Brush piles are placed on the Balcones Dr field area, PARD chipped the brush piles and then volunteers spread mulch on the trails.
New Outdoor Learning Center/Circle
  • This project would replace the old outdoor learning center that was removed years ago (the wood decayed)
  • Project involves arranging boulders in a circular pattern under the big oak trees in the upper woods area
  • Discussions with PARD have started and forestry is being consulted.
  • Girl Scout Troop 1510-4th Grade Highland Park will design this as a project
  • Funding would hopefully come from the HPWBANA, HPE PTA and Girl Scout Troop 1510.
  • Target winter/spring of 2014
Perry Park Art ParkDiscussion
  • Discussions are taking place to improve the big field on the Balcones Dr side of Perry Park.  One idea is to place public art sculpture at this location and to create a pocket park in the small grove on the north end. It would involve teaming up with Laguna Gloria, PARD, Friends of Perry Park and the HPWBANA with the broader scope of making this a neighborhood Art Park, the first of many neighborhood Art Parks across Austin.
  • Initial meetings have been held with Friends of Perry Park, HPWBANA, PARD and Laguna Gloria to discuss ideas and identify stakeholder concerns.
  • Currently the museum is putting together a proposal for our consideration of several sculptural pieces to be located on the upper field of Perry, along Balcones and Big Bend
  • Lots of unknowns, discussions, approvals, funding – very early stages of this project.  Community input and funding are two big topics for us.
  • Friends of Perry Park will be collecting community input to create a longer term scope for the entire stretch of Perry Park along Balcones Dr.
  • Mulching trees is a regular workday activity at Perry Park, particularly the big oak trees near the tennis courts and quarry.
  • The quarry oak tree is mulched with hardwood mulch so it doesn’t wash into the playing fields.
  • The oak trees near the tennis courts may need a border along the drip line to help keep mulch from washing away.  We have initiated discussions with this PARD on this, and one tree may actually be on AISD property.  This may become an Eagle Scout project.
  • We are exploring tree plantings to replace the seedlings that died in the drought.  We would need PARD approval on this and watering is the issue.
Workday Activity
  • Workdays are coordinated by the PARD Park Adopter group Friends of Perry Park
  • Little Helping Hands has a dedicated workday at Perry Park the 3rd Saturday of every month, from 9-10.
  • HPE Green Team has fall and spring workdays.
  • Girl Scout troops have somewhat regular workdays.
  • APF It’s My Park Day for Perry Park, Spring 2014 will be conducted by Boy Scout Pack 59.
Running Track
  • Maintenance of the running track is done by PARD and the HPE PTA. They have an agreement.
  • There is some erosion we are watching, and we have tried to do some small repairs to patch things.
Park Entrance
  • There are discussions on improvements to the park entrance for a fence to replace the boulders.  The fence would be an Eagle Scout project.
  • PARD would be involved to relocate the existing limestone boulders to a more suitable location.


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