Board & Committees

The HPWBANA Board consists of 9 volunteer members elected for two year terms.  Board members meet about 10 times per year every month on the first Monday of each month (during the summer, one meeting is held for July/August).  An annual membership meeting is held each year, usually in October or November, to elect officers.  You must be a member of HPWBANA to participate in this election.


President  Pieter Sybesma

Vice-President Jason Lindenschmidt

Treasurer George Zwicker

Secretary Dawn Lewis

Member Ty Allen

Member Chereen Fisher

Member Noel Stout

Member Rebecca Spratlin

Member Wallis Goodman




Jan Roberts



ANC Representative: Dawn Lewis
Represents HPWBANA at Austin Neighborhood Council meetings 

Beautification and Parks: Juliee Beyt, Jessica Winslow, Wallis Goodman and Carolyn Robinson
Manages the development and upkeep of green spaces in the neighborhood

Communications: Carolyn Robinson, Piet Sybesma and Tammy Starling (newsletter editor)
Manages the Newsletter, Yahoo listserv 

Community Liason: Laura Jones
Keeps communication open with Camp Mabry, Bright Leaf, Highland Park PTA and provides updates for newsletter

Events: Chereen Fisher, Becca Cody, Carolyn Robinson and Rebecca Spratlin
Plans and manages HPWBANA events

Membership: Jason Lindenschmidt and George Zwicker
Sends out annual membership mailing and keeps record of memberships

Planning & Zoning: Piet Sybesma, Dawn Lewis, Jason Lindenschmidt and Noel Stout
Keeps up to date on issues related to neighborhood plan, zoning, land use, survey, etc.

Safety & Information:  Piet Sybesma and Ty Allen
Responsible for neighborhood watch and annual crime and safety meeting, serves as crime liaison, commanders forum representative, information dissemination

Traffic & Transportation: Piet Sybesma and Ty Allen
Deals with issues related to traffic calming, signage, sidewalks and sound wall plans




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