Median Project Updates

Quick Public Green Space Update – Oct 2013

By: Beautification Committee


Green Spaces Cared for by the Beautification Committee

Green indicates recent activity

Balcones Dr/Parkcrest
  • Low maintenance, yearly trim of lantana, water as needed
  • Water – tap at Exxon station


Hancock Bridge (SE Corner)
  • Low maintenance, Bermuda grass is a problem
  • Water – tap from a neighbor home


Ridge Oak Triangle
  • Working with neighbors on improvements and the eradication of sticker burrs.  This is funded by both neighbors and HPWBANA
  • We can hire a city approved contractor for maintenance
  • The median is mowed every 28 work days
  • Water – tap at the median, funded by community


Ridge Oak Reservoir
  • Working with Water Utility and Bright Leaf on invasive plant removal along the fence line  and in the wooded area.  Water Utility still has stump work to do here.
  • Working with neighbors on issues for the green space (dog waste, trash, sticker burrs)
  • HPWBANA BC purchased and installed a mutt mitt dispenser and mutt mitt garbage can to help mitigate the pet waste issue at the Reservoir.  Neighbors will help fill the dispenser and empty the garbage can.  Requested HPWBANA label on these.
  • Sticker burrs are a real problem here in the grass areas.  Currently brainstorming to determine best plan of action.


Mt Bonnell
  • West Point Society of Texas has adopted this park and they keep us informed.
  • We pick up trash monthly along Mt Bonnell Rd (in HPWBANA area).
  • West Point Society had a great win with getting city support for their improvement project.


Projects at Large

Tree Plantings in Medians
  • Waiting for the city to launch their new adopt-a-median program.
  • Want to launch an adopt-a-tree program.  Need city approval and watering plan for this.


Intersection of Shadow Ln/Big Bend
  • A neighbor requested help with this intersection.
  • Need direction from the city about what we can do at this location. There is no curbed area as a median.


Valley Oak Median
  • Starting to explore improvements to the long median.  The city has a new adopt-a-median program and we may use it to make improvements to this green space this winter/fall.  Tree planting is one idea on the list.  It would be great to have a neighbor in this area help.

Garden Club/Meeting
  • A master gardener has expressed interest in starting a garden club in our area.

Medians cared for by neighbors:

Foothill Terrace Median Water – tap at the median
Highland Terrace/Perry Ln Median Water – tap from a neighbor home
Highland Terrace West Median Water – tap from a neighbor home
Beverly Skyline Median Water – tap at the median


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