Austin Water plans HPWBANA water improvement project for 2018

Austin Water has planned a project to upgrade water transmission lines in the northwest area, including parts of HPWBANA.  The area affected is roughly from Far West Blvd. to Crestway Dr.

The area is currently supplied with a single 12-inch line. The new main would be a 16-line and will improve the level of service and allow Austin Water to decommission the aging pump station and reservoir. Highland Park reservoir is no longer in use, and the pumps are used as an in-line booster station only.

Benefits to the area include less pressure fluctuations during peak demand times and improved fire flow for the area.

The project is scheduled to go into design this fall and construction is estimated to begin in 2018.

Click here for a map of the water improvements project.

For more information call Jill Mayfield, (512)585-0474

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